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My body type makes it hard for me to find clothes. And when I find something that fits and seems to follow dress code I always end getting dress coded. The eyes of teachers follow me everywhere and I never feel secure in my own clothing.
I have a few more curves and I get dress coded for stuff that skinny girls don't, so it makes me look down on my body more and I'm already very insecure and all of the dress codes are aimed at females.
I was wearing a crop top sweater about 2 weeks ago. Maybe even last week and when I walked in the cafeteria I saw [a teacher]. He said, and I quote, “Girl what the hell you doing walking around dressed like that!!??” I told him that I dress for myself because it makes me feel good. And he told me that I was dressing to be “fast” and “get these lil boys attention.” He was very loud and it drew attention to us, the whole south side of the cafeteria was staring, and I was VERY embarrassed!!
Last year I got told my rips in my pants are a distraction to the boys in my class and I’m disrupting class for wearing those jeans. I got told to change. I said no and was told to call my mom to bring me clothes
“Today was a real eye opener for me. I didn't realize how truly sexist our school actually is. Today I wore shorts so short that my boxers were nearly exposed and a pair of slides too. I was stopped twice today by administration. I have no idea what is going on here but both of those times were for the SLIDES! Not once did administration stop me for the short shorts yet my friend was coded for wearing a skirt that was like three inches above the knee. If that is not sexism, I don't know what is. I hope everyone learned something today because this fight is far from over. #PassTheSkirt”
It was my birthday and I wanted to dress nice so I bought a nice little jumpsuit. The jump suit was long sleeved and had long pants; the reason I was dress coded was because it was too tight. I’m guessing it showed off my shape too much 🤷🏽‍♀️ I was really mad and upset because it was my birthday and I had to wear an oversized shirt over the jumpsuit that made me look tacky
I break dress code 50% of the time but I’ve never been coded. But then again I’m a skinny white girl so they won’t dress code me.  
I had been told so many times by administration that I couldn’t wear certain things because I am a distraction and I was taking away from the learning environment yet how is a small piece of stomach distracting unless you draw attention to it? How were my shoulders sticking out of a full length dress distracting enough to withdraw from the education of a full classroom to the extent I had to change? I was even told to put on a bra by an administrator. Girl I’m so proud of you for taking this issue head on and addressing it fully because I know how degraded I felt after I had teachers comment on how I dress everyday telling me that me being confident in myself was a problem. This shit needs to be fixed.
Thank you for posting this. This has happened to me several times at Parkview and it is a huge problem. It's down right degrading, I’ve been told I can’t go to class “looking like that” for wearing a crop top that showed a small part of my stomach, my father was called from work to bring me a new shirt after I was held in the office and told that as a young lady I don’t need to show my skin. A movement is needed a voice needs to be heard. I’ve been pulled out of class, threatened to be suspended, and humiliated in the hall out of administrative making a scene out of it. Parkview and all schools with this type of dress code need to be fixed.
I got 3 days detention for having holes in my jeans above the knee because the holes in my jeans “distracted” the guys in my class
One of my friends got dress coded for leggings, while another girl with the EXACT same leggings did not. The reason? She was a size M, and the other girl was small.
i have long legs and long arms so there is always difficulty trying to find skirts or shorts to meet my finger tips or my knees. i would get stopped in the hall saying i show too much leg and that i need to go home. while they let the guys at PE or playing basketball with their shirts off
I live in Texas its 90 degrees on a good day, yet me wearing a pair of jeans with one hole 2 inches above my knee is unexceptable, yet if a dude does it its perfectly okay. I cant wear a shirt with less than 3 finger thickness on the shoulder and when you ask the principal why he tells you, you want people to respect you and you wouldnt want people to call you a whore
They would make the girls miss recess or let the boys whatch movies while they dragged the girls into the gym to tell us about how we distract the boys.
i was wearing a jersey, which was given to me by the school for my volleyball game that day, as well as the rest of the team. we were sitting at our table at lunch, hyping ourselves up bc of the game. we were then approached by our male vice principal and we were all told to go change, bc "i can see your bras and half of your breasts through the arm holes"
I once got dress coded cuz a teacher could see “an inch” of my back when I bent down. Smh
my dress code is 4 inches above the knees and that day i wore jeans that met the dress coded. just to make this clear, I WAS NOT BREAKING DRESS CODE. my jeans were 4 inches EXACTLY above my knees. my teacher insisted that i pull up my pants so that they where just past the 4 inch mark. she sent me to the office and i had to call my mom to come get me jeans. i offered to cover it up with paper, leggings, and my shirt i had in my bag, but they told me i had to call my mom to bring me a different pair of pants. my mom works 30 minutes away from my school, so she had to take off 1 and a half hours to give me jeans when the problem could have easily been fixed with a shirt leggings or paper. dress code is teaching girls that if you wear things 4 inches above your knee... your automatically a slut, whore, or stripper. i’m tired of feeling like that. i know i am better than that, so i support this movement so much
My principal had been harassing me for years, calling me out and shaming me for my choice of clothing in front of other students. I left the school for one with no gendered dress codes and have never felt happier in my body!
I was dress coded MANY times over the course of 4 years at Parkview just for having holes in the knee of my jeans.... thank you for standing up for not only your friend but the minority community.
I am a Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High graduate and my younger sister currently goes there. Hearing about this movement has given me so much hope and excitement! I totally remember the ridiculous dress code and I think it is awesome that this young woman has started a movement through social media and by being brave
When I was a sophomore at Parkview, my sister had just dropped me off at school. I was wearing a sweater, a skirt that I tried my best not to have ride up on me because of how awkward my hips are and my long legs. I had also been wearing high heels. As soon as I went to my locker, I was told by an AP that I needed to go to the office. I had to stand straight up and was told my skirt was 10” above my knee. They had put a ruler from my skirt to THE BACK of my knee. I had to wait in the office and miss most of my A1 class waiting for my sister who had just taken me to school to drop off some jeans for me. She an I were both pissed at how they cared more about my legs showing than letting me just go about my day.
When I was in 8th grade, I was sent to the office because my walking shorts were slightly above the “dollar bill test”. They placed it above your knee. I ended up in a fight with the principal about school uniforms for drill team and cheer being obviously short. He had no argument, which pissed him off. Now… Think about this: That was 35 years ago. Welcome to the 1980’s dress code for girls…Wrong then, wrong now. - Ally Orsi (aka, Mom)
I have seen many instances in my time as an educator where young women were penalized for wearing jeans with holes of shirts that showed a little cleavage. The male students were often seen wearing shirts full of holes or "work out tanks" with armholes cut way down to the bottom of the shirt. Several times in my career did boys wear shirts cut so that I could see their nipples and abdomen. They were never punished. Girls always were.
I remember getting suspended for two days in high school over a skirt. Never was a troublemaker in any other way...
My daughter ‘s skirt missed by half an inch. I teach across the street and could have taken her clothes, but administers didn’t call me or email me. They put my daughter in ISS for five hours. It’s important to note that my daughter is a rape survivor and has severe panic attacks. While in ISS, she missed five classes and had severe panic attacks. Five classes because of half an inch and a lazy administrator.
I wore a pair of dress shirt with black tights underneath as well as a turtleneck top. My mom approved and she’s all about modesty. Well I get to school and a teacher says I have to go to in school suspension if I don't change because “boys can’t handle” how I was dressed. I was upset and embarrassed because I was dressed nicely/modestly yet still made to feel objectified.
Our dress code stated that skirts had to be knee-length. A lot of my friends in high school were buying pencil skirts to wear to school since most of the time they were knee length, so I decided to try the trend. When I did I was called to the office because my skirt was "too revealing" and "inappropriate". I told them all my friends had literally the same one, why am I being called out specifically? It turned out to be because of my body shape. I have always been curvier than most girls at my school, but this was ridiculous. I can't help that my hips are wide! My mother was called to bring me a change of clothes, but she opted to take me home after also arguing with the admin about why I had to be singled out.
I was able to wear lower cut tops/dresses solely because my chest was smaller. My friends with larger chests were called out on dress code any time they wore a v-neck shirt. Not even a low-cut shirt...just anything that revealed they were women who have breasts was enough to be called distracting/suggestive. We grow up in a culture that emphasizes women's' bodies in the media 24/7, objectifying girls all day every day. But the second we want to wear something for the sake of comfort or to feel good for OURSELVES, it becomes a problem. It's completely sexist that women's' bodies are expected to be shown and not shown depending on standards set and enforced by men. Our bodies don't exist for men to view and critique. Men are more than capable of viewing shoulders, legs, cleavage, etc. as something non-sexual. Maybe teachers should focus on teaching boys how to view women as more than objects, rather than teaching women to cover up and be ashamed.
I used to wear yoga pants at least 75% of the time when I was in High School. Never got dress coded even though yoga pants were against the rules (as were leggings), but dispite being against the rules it was well known that these rules were not enforced so girls wore leggings and yoga pants all the time without getting in trouble. Then one day I decided to wear a black shirt with my black yoga pants and suddenly I was not only breaking dress code, but also being threatened with in school suspension if one of my parents couldn't leave work to bring me clothes. All office staff told me that I was well within dress code but that they had to do what the administrators told them. I was livid, especially because I had been dress coded when there were girls wearing shorts that showed their butts and shirts that barely covered their chests everywhere around me, but my black t-shirt and black yoga pants were a problem. One thing I know for sure is that I was the only curvaceous woman around and I believe that's why I got noticed.
It was the 90's. I was not fat, but definitely curvier and had larger breasts. I got pulled into the office and told I had to either go home and change or wear my jacket all day bc of a sweater I was wearing. They said it was "provocative" because it had a v-neck. Not even 2 weeks later, I saw a cheerleader wearing the same sweater.
As a white male teacher, the dress code does not discriminate against me. I do, however, understand the complaints of some students who feel it discriminates against them.
While at Parkview, I was dress coded for things like having holes in my jeans, wearing LEGGINGS (not tights) under shorts, or wearing “revealing” tank tops that were within dress code (when I tried to prove that they were within the “four-finger” rule to administration, they ignored it or came up with something else. I’m curvy, and seeing other girls wear things that were far more revealing than what I had on have admin say nothing to them tore my self esteem down, much more than past experiences or anxiety did.
I was more well-endowed than other girls. I had to go above and beyond to cover my chest. Still, when my shirt accidentally started slipping throughout the day, I was threatened to be written up. Meanwhile, other girls could wear spaghetti straps and no one would say anything. My other friends who were bigger busted or had larger hips also got written up all of the time. It wasn't fair that the dress code didn't apply to everyone. Meanwhile, the cheerleaders were able to wear their short uniforms to school all day.
When I was in high school I had a red, black and white shirt with a joker on it that I wore all the time. At one point, my friend was kicked out of his parents house and stayed with us for a while. I’m white and my friend is black. Since he left his house without much, he wore my clothes to school during this time. On the day he wore my joker shirt, he was disciplined by administration for wearing gang related attire. In the eyes of the school, this shirt only became gang related once a black teenager put it on because no one ever said anything to me about it when I wore it. The kicker: While the school took great concern with the shirt my friend was wearing, even after we explained the reason why he was wearing my clothes they had no concern about him being temporarily homeless.
I went to a private school on a scholarship because my family was too poor the pay for tuition. I had one suit coat and had to wear it everyday. Coat and tie was our dress code and yes it made me feel rather inadequate to have the other students remind me of how poor I actually was.
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