Bringing this movement to your school or school district is easy! Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact about adding you to the list here.

To prevent massive overload of our main account, you will need to set up your own Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page. We recommend using passtheskirt_XXXX where the X’s are initials for your school district or school (ex: @PassTheSkirt_NLRSD). We will share some of your posts from our account to help get the word out. Use this site as a reference for the model code, media articles, and surveys. We will add your district as an option on our survey so you can get results specific to your your district and post the results link here.

Good luck everyone!

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Little Rock School District

Organizer: Laura Orsi
Instagram: @PassTheSkirt
Twitter: @PassTheSkirt
Facebook: @PassTheSkirt
Survey Results: Click Here

Bryant School District

Organizer: Vanessa Northweather
Instagram: @PassTheSkirt_bsd
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: N/A
Survey Results: Click Here


Broward County Public Schools

Nova High School

Organizer: Kayla Stahl
Instagram: @PassTheSkirt_bcsd
Twitter:Coming Soon!
Facebook: N/A
Survey Results: Coming Soon!


Granite School District

Organizer: Kate Pliska
Instagram: @passtheskirt_gsd
Facebook: N/A
Survey Results: Coming Soon!

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