What does ‘Pass The Skirt’ mean?

Our purpose is to fight against discriminatory and unequal dress code rules and enforcement in order to create a more equal community for young individuals to grow up in.
If you get coded for an article of clothing being out of dress code (specifically dress code rules that target and sexualize young girls), pass the article to a friend or have them wear something similar, and see if the same thing happens to them. Take photos and post them on social media with the hashtag #PassTheSkirt. You can also tag our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @PassTheSkirt.
Often times, dress code isn’t equally enforced due to gender, race, or body type. We are fighting for a dress code policy that doesn’t have these issues.

What is your goal?

Our original goal was to get the dress code at our school (Parkview) equally enforced, but then realized we needed a dress code that promoted equality. We want our school district (the Little Rock School District) to adopt the model dress code developed by the Oregon chapter of the National Organization for Women – check out our Model Dress Code page. However, within the first 48 hours of launch, it quickly became apparent that this could be a platform for many students to bring change to school districts across the country. We are still focused on our primary goal, but we are going to help others as well.

What Critical Information Do I Need To Know?

See our How To Participate page!

I can’t wear shorts or a skirt for religious reasons, how can I participate?

A question I’ve received from many excited girls is how can they participate when they can’t wear shorts or skirts for religious reasons. As we move forward, this protest should stretch beyond skirts or shorts, and expand to all clothing items that would be dress coded for being “suggestive or revealing” as stated by the LRSD rule book. This helps to include body type in our cause and go against the sexualization of young girls by administration. If you can wear clothing that you want to wear that makes you feel beautiful but technically violates dress code I highly recommend it as it helps push this movement forward to address a broader problem. But if you can’t wear items such as those either, you can write the the logo on your hand like many participants did our first day. Post it, tag us @PassTheSkirt, and use the hashtag #passtheskirt.

How can I bring this movement to my school?

We recommend spreading the word on social media to start. You should also make social media accounts specifically for your school district. We recommend you create a twitter, instagram, and Facebook with the username @passtheskirt_XXXX (the x’s being the acronym for your school district. For example, I’m in Little Rock School District. Our acronym is LRSD). Once they are up, link me to them on the remind. We are creating a page on the site where different school’s social media accounts for this can be linked, and we will also put it out on the main accounts we run. Be sure to tag our page and use the hashtag so they can check it out. Let us know the name of your school district, and we will add it to our survey so responses can be filtered for your use.

Use our website as an information resource. The model dress code is here, along with other useful information. Explore it and share the link!

You can also create a remind for your school district. Call it Pass The Skirt XXXX, or PTSXXXX if that’s too long. If it lets you edit the join code, I recommend making it @ptsxxxx. There’s currently join codes super similar to each other, so this should help stop confusion.

Thank you! Glad to have your support. Message on the remind if you need anything. Right now, it is the best way to reach me!


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